Fees & Payment


Parent(s) are expected to make a full / half payment of all fees, in the second week, after every school re-open date and the final payment by the 15th of the following month.  Pupil(s) who do not comply with this requirement shall be constantly sacked home for fees.  But new entrants have to pay full fees on admission.

Final year pupils at the Junior High School (J.H.S) shall pay 3rd term fees in second term before they are registered for the B.E.C.E

By the issuance of a reminder notice, every child is supposed to make a fee payment either in full or part.  Anything short of that shall result in sacking.  Feeding fee of a sacked child shall not be refunded since the child has already been considered in the preparation of the food for the day in question.

NOTE: School fees and any other charges paid should not be refundable. 


To ensure a proper preparation of our final year pupils all JHS 2 pupils shall begin to stay at the boarding house in 3rd Term if they so wish.   The appropriate bills for the boarding shall be debited or added to the pupils’ school fees bill when they have indicate their intention to still on the boarding house.

Parents who wish their ward to stay at the boarding house shall request from the administration a BOARDING HOUSE PROSPECTUS.

Boarding fees shall be demanded on admission to the boarding House.


All final year pupils shall be registered for the B.E.C.E only after they have passed a selection test at the end of J.H.S 2 3rd term, and have paid their fees in full including that of the 3rd term of their final year.

Pupils who do not passed the selection test shall not be qualified for registration and shall be allowed repetition once only, after which if he / she still failed to pass the next year, shall be advised to try another school teaching methodology.