School Policies


Primary Department
Boys – Blue-Black Shorts and Pink-Blue Check Shirt
Girls – Blue-Black Skirt and Pink-Blue Check ShirtSCHOOL UNIFORM
Pre-School Department
Boys – Blue-Black Shorts and Pink-Blue Check Shirt
Girls – Pink-Blue Check long Dress with Blue-Black Design

J.H.S Department
Boys – Blue-Black Shorts and Sea Blue Shirt
Girls – Blue-Black Skirt and Sea Blue Shirt

N.B: To avoid mix colures of uniform, all parents are advised to buy the uniform from the school. Uniforms not provided by the school will not be allowed in the school.

    School Hours: Lessons start from 8:00am. Children must report to school latest by 7:00am
    Prompt. Late pupils shall be punished or disallowed entry for the day. No child shall be
    allowed to leave the school compound during school hours and Extra classes as well.
    Special Extra Classes / studies would be organized for Class 1 to J.H.S 3 at a fee and an extra
    Care for Crèche, Nursery and K.G after school hours. Saturday Classes shall
    be compulsory for all Pupils.

Parents who wish their ward to stay at the boarding house shall request from the administration a BOARDING HOUSE PROSPECTUS.
Boarding fees shall be demanded on admission to the boarding House.

    All final year pupils shall be registered for the B.E.C.E only after they have passed a selection test at the end of J.H.S 2 3rd term, and have paid their fees in full including that of the 3rd term of their final year.

Pupils who do not passed the selection test shall not be qualified for registration and shall be allowed repetition once only, after which if he / she still failed to pass the next year, shall be advised to try another school teaching methodology.

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