Why Enroll at Kempshot

Grammar Academy is a private preparatory school registered and approved by the
Ghana Education Service.

At Kempshot we offer quality education at reasonable charges (as our motto
implies) for Pre-School pupils (i.e. Creech Services, Nursery, Kindergarten
K.G), Preparatory and Junior High School (J.H.S). 

Kempshot Grammar Academy is very different in a sense that, we believe the child’s first three (3) years is the determining period of his/her academic ability for a successful adulthood life in the future.  By the Sixth (6th) Year the child’s character traits, the emotional behavior and habits as well as the child’s ability to read and write, should also be determined and developed.  Therefore, at Kempshot, we ensure proper supervision of our TeachingStaff to achieve these academic foundations for your child.

As a means of encouraging our children to back up on their previous performance, we provide a weekly performance report from which the child can see his/her strength in the class and improve upon it.  With this weekly performance report, parent can also have the opportunity to monitor their child’s performance on a weekly basis and take any corrective action rather than waiting till the end of a whole term which might be too late. So you see how much we care. Again, to ensure 100% quality tuition, our class sizes are minimized and our teachers are very patience and welcome any academic problem after normal lesson hours. So you can imagine the best attention your child can get at Kempshot.  

Since proper foundation of your child is our concern we have provided an
optional boarding facility for all JHS pupils but compulsory for final year
pupils beginning from JHS 2 third term.

To confirm it all, we also care to inform you that, our 22 years’ experience and strict academic discipline, has resulted in a 100% pass with some distinctions in all our 14 times appearance at the B.E.C.E.  
So you can imagine our ability to give your child the academic foundation he/she needs. 

Perhaps you are wondering which school can give your child the best academic foundation, if yes then; you have taken the best decision by visiting our website.  Please act now without delay by enrolling your child at KEMPSHOT GRAMMAR ACADEMY, as vacancies are limited.