Admission Requirements

Cr̬che Services Р1- 2 years
Pre-School Department (i.e. Nursery – K.G) -3 – 5 years
Preparatory School (i.e. Stage 1 – Stage 6) – 6 years and above
Junior High School and Senior High School -12 years and above


All pupils shall be expected to buy the required textbooks and exercise books at the beginning of the academic year.

Parents are kindly expected to co-operate in this particular issue to enable us serve them well

Admission Fee (All pupils)              Full / Half Fees (All pupils)

1 set of Uniform (All pupils)           1 Cumulative Record

Set of Textbooks (All pupils)          Note Books (Stg1-JHS 3)

1 Box of crayon (Pre-Sch. only)     1 small size mat (Pre-Sch. only)

1 spoon and cup (All pupils)           1 plastic plate (All pupils)

1 Toilet Roll (Pre-Sch. only)           2 cake of soap (Pre-Sch. only)


For a trial test to be conducted, applicant would have to provide a receipt for the prospectus.

The class of a pupil shall be determined only after a test has been conducted.

Pupils who perform below average would be advised to go to the nest class below or refused admission.

Admission fees should be paid only after the trail test has been conducted and a class determined and agreed by the parent(s).

Note:      Admission Fees or Prospectus price once paid are neither refundable nor transferable.